Echuca East Primary School


Term 3 – Arrival & Dismissal

Please note there are currently significant delays for students travelling by bus to NSW.

8:30AM  Earliest arrival at school
8:45AM  School begins

3:00PM  Students who ride, walk or scoot to school

Students who reside in NSW

3:00PM  After School Care students to meet at the Canteen
3:05PM  Surnames beginning with A-G            Exit via Art Centre Gate – Sutton St
3:10PM  Surnames beginning with H-N            Exit via the back of the oval
3:15PM  Surnames beginning with O-Z             Exit via the Eyre St gate
3:15PM  Bus travellers

Watch our video Return to School Q & A 

Letter To Parents COVID


School Contact
If the office is unattanded, please email or phone 03 5482 2588 to leave a voice message.  We will attend to your query as soon as possible.


  • Practice Respect
  • Act Responsibly
  • Learn Resilience